White Party

Every year The Warrior Fitness Camp hosts a party where all of the guests dress head to toe in white! Tickets are sold to members, friends, family and co-workers of Warrior Fitness. Entry into the party guarantees a great time where attendee’s will have a fun filled evening filled with dinner, drinks and dancing! This year we raised over $13,000, all to be given to Congolese families and their children.

Clothing Drive

The Warrior Fitness Camp throws an annual event with hundreds of people invited to stop by our facility and donate clothes, baby items, toys, bicycles and school supplies. People that donate are welcome to stay and enjoy a social atmosphere with music and champagne! Each year this is done, hundreds of dollars worth of goods are raised and donated to Congolese men, women and children.

Christmas Party

Since the very beginning, The Warrior Fitness Camp has thrown an annual Christmas Party! The party is held at a banquet hall at the Hyatt in Valencia, Ca. Family, friends, & co-workers of the members from Warrior Fitness are all required to bring an unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots.

Congo Trip 2012

We planned a mission trip to the Congo for 15 days in 2012, to distribute medical supplies to hospitals, clothing, toys and school supplies to the kids in the villages. Some of the people that will be going on the trip will be nurses, doctors and students. Our foundation has obtained containers of medical supplies worth over $200,000 to be shipped to the Congolese Hospital in Congo, Brazzaville. You can see many photos from this recent trip, here.